Pricing for Bulk Order
Family Bonding Kits Below:

Option 1 - DIY Family Kits

A Printable Download version
(Families find a box from home to put it in
to bring it to life)

FamilyFunBoxesPrintable Kit image


The DIY Family Bonding Kit includes:

  • Very simple instructions – that are so easy to implement - Kids can have the Family Kit up and running in 15 mins, ready for dinner time tonight
  • Printable Ideas Slips of all 6 Family Activity Categories - includes both Activity Slips with our suggestions, & blank slips to include your own ideas
  • A Sample Calendar - to help you get started and lock your family experiences into your monthly routine
  • A BONUS Printed Family Bonding Kit Gift Certificate – We'll print and post you a set of Family Bonding Kit Gift Certificates for you to give each family which will provide very simple instructions on how they can access your gift, the DIY Family Bonding Kit!
    All you need to do is simply write their family name on it to make it personalised.

** All families need to do for this version is find their own box from home to get it started and bring it to life

Bulk Order Pricing for :

OPTION 1 - DIY Family Kits

Min 10 – 50  DIY Family Kits
Now $8.00 ea
(Eg 25 DIY Family Kits = $200)

Order Here

51 – 100  DIY Family Kits
Now $7.00 ea
(Eg 80 DIY Family kits = $560)

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101 - 300  DIY Family Kits
Now $6.00 ea
(eg 150 DIY Family kits = $900)

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300+  DIY Family Kits
Prices reduced further & negotiable depending on amount and budget – Contact Sarsha here to order and ask any questions

FFB Brochure

** BONUS - We also supply you with a printed (& posted to you) DIY Family Bonding Kit - Gift Certificate
for each family **


** We will also send you a PDF copy, if you are keen to get it to them ASAP (We've found a physical copy is definately recommended though as a more thoughful gesture)**

  • This photo above is a set of 200 x DIY Family Bonding Kit - Gift Certificates ready to be posted out to a client to give their staff & customers.
  • The client is using it as a thoughtful gift / gesture to say thankyou and appreciate them.
  • They are also using it to support them after a BIG year, to have a great family Christmas time and build on more fun family experiences with their kids throughout 2022.

 Example DIY Family Bonding Kit - Gift Certificate PDF - Download 

Here's a snapshot of the Family Activity Categories